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I would also like to point out in this post that King has a prolific tendency to be overtly violent towards other characters, regardless of who they are. Despite this, I want to try and at least get a warning out to the people I'm RPing with that the thread might/will take a turn for the brutal or obscene. I'm more than comfortable with just handwaving threads, and I don't want to accidentally skeeve anyone out because of his creeperings/general stalkings of some people.

If you have anything else you'd like to discuss privately, you're more than welcome to PM me at this journal.
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In this AU universe, several things have been switched.

To start, there exists a chain that had been formed from the remains of a vessel of a Baskerville Lady: Demios Baskerville. This chain is known throughout the Abyss as the Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Hearts would eventually, after being sent to roam the Abyss for decades, contract the mother of a boy named Leo illegally. After she died from a bullet sent by Pandora, the Queen of Hearts soon contracted the son. As mentioned before, things are different in this timeline. Here, Elliot Nightray was the one destined to inherit the name Baskerville Lord, with Leo cursed to carry the parasite that drained his life with each tick of a branded incuse.

Eventually, after Leo had slain most of the Nightray family in a series of events known as the Head Hunter murders (Vincent, being contracted to Humpty Dumpty, hadn't yet been discovered.), the incuse was completed, and then Leo and the Queen of Hearts were pulled down to the very center of the Abyss.

They met the Will.

It didn't take long for Leo to truly lose his mind, body, and humanity to the Abyss. The Queen watched as Leo was ripped apart and fused back together through the Abyss's influence with a new identity-- the King of Hearts.

Present canon: the King and his Queen rule in their own little section of the Abyss, picking off and devouring weaker chains, awaiting a chance when the Abyss will open up and a contract can be offered to another unfortunate soul. On the surface, Duke Elliot Baskerville searches with the rest of the Baskervilles for the seals of Glen Baskerville, to ultimately right a wrong and erase the existence of the Will of the Abyss.
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As a chain, King reserves the ability to regenerate from different wounds much more quickly than a normal human being, and can only be killed by an actual chain. However, as his form will be biologically human within PHDR, normal human beings (not just contractors) will have the ability to kill him. He'll still be able to regenerate, but his actions/thoughts will be obviously a lot more sluggish the more blood he loses, and things like a broken leg can still take a few weeks to properly heal.

That being said, he does retain some of his chain's abilities:
- Supernatural strength (at least able to cleanly punch through a wooden wall with only slight bruising)
- Shadow travel (being able to, as long as he knows exactly where he's going, jump from one object/person's shadow to another's in a different location.)
- General brattiness (do you really need this to be explained?)
- Sharp claws (or this...)

Also, his head can pop off with any good punt or punch and he'll still be fully functional. Just annoyed. Maybe more than annoyed.


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